Biggie And Tupac

UK 2002 108min
Dir: Nick Broomfield

Broomfield decides to investigate the reasons, and person, behind the much-flaunted red herrings into the murders of rap artists and former friends, Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, the Notorious B.I.G.).

City Of Champions

South Africa 2006 48min subtitles
Dir: Bonganjalo Marala

Mdantsane is home to some of the best boxers in the world: Manelisi Mbilase, a talented hopeful; Zolani Marali, kwaito singer and South Africa Junior Featherweight Champ. This is their story of struggle and survival.

The Colonial Misunderstanding

France 2004 75min subtitled
Dir: Jean-Marie Teno

In 1834, missionaries set out to bring a new message to the Dark Continent. But, by the 1870s, this altruism was tainted by the economic ambitions of a resource-hungry Europe. This definitive documentary discusses, through insightful interviews with African academics and clerics, the options open to modern Africans.


Echoes Of The Past

South Africa 2005 43min subtitles
Dir: Thabang Molibeli

March 21st 1960 Sharpeville: police fire on a group of Pass Law protestors leaving 69 people dead and over 170 casualties reported. Malehola Malindi, a 22 year old woman from Sharpeville, enquires about what actually transpired.

Ekasi Big 5 Chow

South Africa 2006 48min subtitles
Dir: Vincent Moloi

DJ Sanza of YFM is also an excellent chef who specialises in preparing tantalizing dishes using “The Big Five” – cabbage, potato, pumpkin, tomato and onion – as his main ingredients, spiced with his opinions on food.

From Nkoko…with Love

South Africa 2006 48min subtitles
Dir: Karin Slater

“What am I going to leave my grandchildren?”, asks spry 74 year-old Grace Masuku, tribal matriarch of the Bakgatla ba Kgafela tribe. Her knowledge of Tswana ancestors, history, language and healing plants. And sex education – her forthright attitude embarrasses teenagers and makes them listen.

Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows

Canada 1998 94min
Dir: Paul Jay

The award winning Hitman Hart is a fascinating film about good and evil, sacrifice and greed, loyalty and betrayal – and a man in a world of moral uncertainty, fighting to keep a sense of personal dignity and truth.
Awarded Best of Festival Hot Docs
1999 Gold Camera Award US International Film and Video Festival.


South Africa 2006 72min subtitles
Dir: Asivhanzhi Mathaba

Zig-zagging between Hong Kong, South Africa and Dubai singer Precious Unathi Motsweni seeks international stardom. At home she tackles the issues of a broken home and drunkenness in her family.

I Am Woman

South Africa 2005 49min
Dir: Joanne Levitan

10 black women, poets and performers, from the US and South Africa, gather to write a play . Dynamics confront them with issues around identity, loss and longing.

iHoliday Etranskei

South Africa 2005 48 min subtitles
Dirs: Bonganjalo Marala & Jemima Spring

Although separated by many kilometres, the Mantsingas of Gatyane, Transkei and Hout Bay Cape Town are a joyful, close-knit family that endure the economic reality that forces them to leave home, by sharing each other’s tears, laughter and children with uncomplaining delight.

Masindy’s Story

South Africa 2005 48min subtitles
Dirs: Sharon Farr & Lee Otten

Masindy Apie, a courageous woman living with the HIV Virus for 14 years, was deserted by her boyfriend and lost a child to HIV, triumphs over hopelessness and heartache.

Sisters In Law

UK / Cameroon 2005 104 min subtitles
Dirs: Kim Longinotto & Florence Ayisi

With very little pomp or ceremony, and buckets of sensitive humanity, dispensing common sense justice, two women make an empowering difference to the people of Kumba, Cameroon.

C.I.C.A.E. Award – Cannes Film Festival 2005

Spirits of the Uhadi

South Africa 2004 48 min subtitles
Dir: Lauren Groenewald

Thandiswa and Madosini are icons of South African music at the opposite ends of the spectrum; together they travel to Mkhankato outside Umtata to initiate Thandiswa into the rural traditions and rituals that are an integral part of the culture’s music.