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14 - 23 July 2006

Cape Town
21 July - 6 August 2006
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In the past few months there has been much debate about racial issues in the South African film arena. Tsotsi won the Oscar® and the whole country was celebrating, but there have been critical statements made about issues of representation of black identity in that film. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu made a statement during the TRC anniversary this year, stating that there are still white people who are not thankful for the forgiveness of black people after apartheid.

This statement has incited hostile emotions in the some South Africans and filmmakers subscribing to the Moviezone web discussion group. Has the new South Africa changed the way that white filmmakers represent black identity?
Do black filmmakers now have more access to filmmaking? Is the film industry still dominated by white males? Encounters would like to address questions of access, representation and privilege in the documentary film industry by hosting a panel discussion during the 2006 Festival.

There are many documentaries on the 2006 Festival which highlight these issues including the Black on White series, the South African Archive films and the African focus.

Planned as a forum for debate Encounters has invited a number of filmmakers and representatives of the SABC to sit on a Panel, with a facilitator chairing the event. There will be opportunity for questions and comments from the floor.

Wednesday 19th July @ 6.30pm 


Cape Town
Thursday 3rd August @ 6.30pm

Entrance is free – but you will need to collect a ticket from the relevant Box Office.